Design and develop a new strong and consistent global brand strategy for the City of West Palm Beach Parking Administration’s Department which includes: parking street signs, parking payment system (pay & display pay machines, entry & exit pay machines, parking tickets and receipts), parking cards (parking pass and city card), and uniforms. Design and develop the new City of West Palm Beach Parking Administration’s Website and CMS that includes a Bilingual Platform, Customized Wordpress Framework, Google Map API Integration, and Mobile Web Development.

Secure Wrap is the Worldwide Leader in Baggage Protection Services for Air Travelers. U-wrap Bag is a new product developed by Secure Wrap in order to create more options to the passengers and facilitate the wrapping service to protect their luggage. Hired as a Web Developer and Brand Identity Consultant  to build from the ground up their product identity, packaging design, platform web application, database, and back-end administration platform.